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Wifi Networks

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Wi-fi you Can Rely On!

Bothered by endless buffering?

Slow-going game speeds got you down?

Lagging load times leave a lot to be desired?

Look no further!

We solve wi-fi woes so you can enjoy the speed and superior service you deserve.

Beat the Broadband Blues

Slow internet speed stems from several sources: poor-quality connections, interference caused by neighbors sharing network frequencies, access points that aren’t strong enough to power a signal throughout your entire home. Fortunately, we know just how to get things moving!

We’ll find, fix, or replace faulty wiring in a flash so you get strong signal you can rely on. If dead spots are slowing you down, we can install additional access points or relocate your router for more consistent coverage. We can also clear up frequency overcrowding and improve your connection by reconfiguring your router so it can communicate with your network components more effectively. By utilizing Ubiquiti Network’s (UBNT) innovative wireless technology, we bring the very best in commercial-quality network solutions right into your home.

Safe and Secure

We can help eliminate your other wi-fi worries as well. If security is a concern, we’ll provide peace of mind by helping you set more secure passwords. Or, let us help you protect your PCs by setting up a guest network that gives visitors wi-fi access without you having to share your primary password.

A Smorgasbord of Services

Like taking your wi-fi outside with you? No worries! We’ve got you covered with outdoor APs that provide access in just about any place…from garden to patio.

We’re not just all about wi-fi either. We provide patch panels, network switches, and professionally-wired home networks that supply secure, consistent access that is never subject to range or interference issues.

So. what are you waiting for? Why trust anyone else when we know how to satisfy all your wi-fi needs? Start enjoying the all the benefits of better, faster broadband today!

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1000s of finished installations

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Our Wi-Fi Installations


Please select your option and order the service you need now! All options includes professional installation and comes with full 12 months warranty.

Wi-FI Access Point

from 200 € incl. VAT
  • Professional Wi-Fi AP
  • Supply and installation
  • Choose this option if you would like to extend your Wi-Fi coverage inside your Home
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Outdoor Wi-FI Access Point

from 180 € incl. VAT
  • Professional Wi-Fi AP
  • Supply and installation
  • Choose this option if you would like to extend your Wi-Fi coverage outside your Home – garden, balcony etc.
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Outdoor Wi-Fi Bridge

  • Professional outdoor Wi-Fi bridge
  • Supply and installation
  • Choose this option if you would like to link two or more buildings wirelessly- garden office, shed etc.
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