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Foreign TV

Looking for a bit of home?

Many of us want to receive various foreign channels and programs from home country so we can have such a 'bit of home' feeling.

Want to learn other languages?

One of better ways which help learn and improve new language is to listen to it. Live TV will give you this opportunity right in your home! You can now watch news, favourite shows, serials in your chosen language.

Home and abroad?

No problem! Even when you have a foreign satellite, you can combine it with UK and Irish channel service to receive more channels. At, we can easily accommodate this for you as we provide high quality foreign satellites installation services.

What foreign satellite TV services are available here?

  • Polish TV
  • German TV
  • Spanish TV
  • Italian TV
  • Russian TV
  • Czech & Slovakian TV
  • Portugese TV
  • Portugese TV

and many others!

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Our Foreign TV Installations

Types of systems

Single satellite

The most popular system if you require one satellite position reception e.g. German TV. Dish sizes that are used in this variant are from 60cm (for satellites with strong signals) up to 125cm (for satellites with weak signals).

Multi-LNB satellite system

There is a way to receive signal from few satellites -usually up to 4 – of one dish using multi-lnb bracket. With this setup you can have an access to thousands of channels on different satellite positions e.g UK channels + italian channels.

Motorized dish

This system can receive many satellite positions by set top box driving the dish motor to the required satellite. These systems are generally recommended for satellite tv enthusiasts, as they may require maintenance and resetting from time to time.


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