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Motorized dish

Motorized Dish

When people want to receive a diverse range of European and Middle Eastern channels and programs on their digital TV, the best and most popular solution is always to go for a digital motorized dish.

A motorized satellite dish allows you to receive various channels because it is a high-end satellite whose receiver can be set to receive signals from various satellites in orbit.

However, this option is mostly opted for by TV enthusiasts and clients who have a clear line of sight view with south direction can receive a motorized dish minimum 90cm in size. This service does not accommodate our multi-room feature.

If you choose this option and are eligible for it, premium subscription channels are also possible with motorized dishes if you want to receive even more channels. The dish is also beneficial because once it is properly installed, it automatically shifts position to receive signals for new TV channels!

There is not one but many options when it comes to choosing a digital motorized dish. You can always contact us for requesting installation of any motorized dish.

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